• 8 Spaghetti Recipes You Haven’t Tried Yet (Really!!!)

    The tried and true kid meal of spaghetti doesn’t have to be boring. We’ve found eight ways to revamp your noodle dish into something delish that the kids will devour. Scroll down for our favorite variations on classic spaghetti meals that are cheap, easy to make and ready in no time.

    1. Threaded Spaghetti Hot Dog Bites

    This fun idea from Damn Delicious gets the tots involved in the cooking. Have them thread uncooked spaghetti through hot dogs before you boil the pasta, and pair it with homemade or jarred marinara sauce for a delicious meal. To get the recipe, click here.


    2. Revamped Spaghetti Carbonara

    Bacon, eggs and parmesan cheese—what more could you need? Keep things simple with a delicious bowl of pasta carbonara. Find out how it’s done by clicking here.


    photo: Give Me Lemons

    3. Spinach & Avocado Pesto Pasta 

    This lightened-up pesto recipe swaps the traditional olive oil for avocado, making it a great option to get some extra veggies into your tot’s diet. Top with a generous sprinkling of parmesan and no one will know the difference. To get the full recipe, click here.


    4. Dairy-Free Perfect Noodles

    This easy dish subs nutritional yeast for parmesan and olive oil for butter to make a simple, dairy-free alternative to your kiddo’s favorite go-to pasta dish. Just cook spaghetti or linguine noodles according to package, toss in enough olive oil to coat and sprinkle liberally with nutritional yeast. You can add parsley, pepper and a pinch of salt if you’re a rule-breaker.


    5. Spaghetti Squash & Cheese

    Get inspired by Sue Bee Homemaker to swap our your usual noodles for spaghetti squash. Add peas and bacon to the mix and you’ve got a tasty and balanced meal. To get the recipe, click here.

    photo: Sue Bee Homemaker


    7. Spaghetti del Contadino

    For those of you who live close to farmer’s markets and local produce, this Italian dish from Girl’s Gone Child is a must-try. Colorful, flavorful, filling, this arugula-laden dish is a nutrient-boosting, tasty reward for your hungry little market shoppers.


    8. Baked Spaghetti Lasagna

    A perfect alternative to a big lasagna dish, you can vary the spaghetti lasagna by adding different sauce or veggie combos. Get the basic recipe here and get cooking! 

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  • 12 Best Gear to Travel with a Baby or Toddler

    Traveling with babies and toddlers can seem incredibly daunting, but luckily there are a lot of great products on the market today to make the journey go smoother. From safety to entertainment to sleep, there's a gadget for just about every aspect of your trip. 
    1. Staying at a hotel, relative, or friend's house and worried about childproofing for your little one? Enter the Travel Tot kit - everything you need to childproof a space, and it all comes off cleanly.
    2. If your little one is old enough, let them help carry some of their things in a small backpack or suitcase like this one from Skip Hop. It'll make them feel important, provides convenient access, and allows you a little more space in your luggage. 
    3. Portable cribs like this one from Baby Bjorn provide a cozy, familiar place for your child to sleep and play while on the go. 
    4. Disinfecting wipes for planes, hotels, and public restrooms help to put your mind at ease, and wet wipes for sticky hands and faces can be a lifesaver while on the go.
    5. Never underestimate the power of a book. Read to your toddler or young child before the trip to familiarize them with the process, plus it's great entertainment while in flight. This one by Byron Barton is still a favorite with my three-year-old.
    6. Technology is great, but it's not much use on a plane without headphones that fit. This pair is sized for little heads and has a cable that limits the volume to an appropriate level.
    7. The FlyeBaby is a great multi-purpose device for babies and toddlers alike. It becomes a five-point harness to instantly turn any chair into a high chair and for small babies can act as a hammock while in flight.
    8. If you're going on a long trip you'll want something to keep your devices fully charged and ready to go. This portable power travel pack provides up to 480 hours of device playback time and allows you to charge up to 5 USB powered devices at the same time.
    9. If you have a toddler and don't want to lug along a car seat, the C.A.R.E.S. Safety Restraint System is the way to go. It's lightweight, small, and easy to install (I know from experience) It's also approved by the FAA and provides a five point harness for your little one to keep them secure on the plane sans car seat.
    10. Ziploc bags are a great item to have on hand when you're on the go. They can hold anything from a dirty diaper to a wet onesie, even food scraps when there isn't a waste bin handy. They've saved my life in many a situation and I don't leave home without them.
    11. Technology. A tablet or smartphone is one of the easiest ways to entertain your toddler on a plane or soothe a fussy baby with some white noise in the car or at a hotel. I also love this handy iPad travel case from Brica. It provides a stand for your device and helps to protect it from clumsy little hands.
    12. If you must take a carseat for your babe and don't have a travel system that snaps into your stroller, bring along one of these handy transporters so that you're not lugging it through the airport on one hip and hauling a baby on the other.
    A couple of other great tips - send baby and toddler items like diapers and formula ahead of you with a service like Jet Set Babies, rent a car seat from your car rental company, or check to see if your hotel provides cribs before lugging along those bulky items. It may cost a bit more, but your sanity is worth it. Happy trails!
    Source: Apartment Therapy 
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  • In the Nursery with Three Made of Joy

    This nursery is going to tickle all your boho-loving hearts. Hayley Malvagna, of Three Made of Joy, is sharing the nursery of her sweet baby girl Scotlynn, who by the way is a twin. Now that we’ve gotten a taste of Hayley’s style, we are dying to get a peek into Scotlynn’s twin brother Paxton’s nursery! Thank you, Hayley, for letting us into your home!

    Hi! I’m a full-time photographer who stays home with my three children! I have a two-year-old daughter and six-month-old twins. We were three under two for a little while! I put my heart and soul into our home decor because I want my family to feel excited about the space they live in.

    Boho Girl's Nursery with Large Floral Decals on Crimson WallWall Decals | Crib Sheet (similar) | Glider (similar)

    Macrame Hanging Planters in Nursery

    Where did you pull inspiration for your nursery design?
    I wanted to create a space that I would like to spend time in, too. I’m a big fan of multi-functional nurseries. I love to see a space that serves the baby’s needs but also is a space the whole family wants to hang out in. I am very into bohemian decor, and with Scotlynn being my second and last baby girl, I had the perfect excuse to add all things macrame and boho!

    Macrame Hanging Canopy in NurseryDockAtot | Deer Art | Fox Art

    Gold Tiki Inspired Floor Lamp in Boho NurseryLamp (spray painted gold)

    What is your favorite part or detail in your nursery?
    I love the name sign above Scotlynn’s crib, and I really love her wall hanging because it was a labor of love. I spent all of Taytum’s nap time before the twins arrived making that just for her. I hope she’ll keep it around for a while.

    Custom Wood Name Art in Boho Girl's NurseryCustom Wood Name Sign

    DIY Macrame Wall Hanging in Boho Girl's NurseryCrib | Paint Color

    What is one thing that you would tell other parents to consider when starting their own nursery design project?
    Don’t be afraid to do what you want! I see a lot of parents that feel trapped by grays, pinks, blues and neutrals. Your nursery doesnt have to be that way! I LOVE that style, but if you want to get a little wild, go for it!

    Gold Feather Decals and Gold Changing Table in Girls' Boho NurseryFeather Decals (similar) | Changing Table | Flower Art Wall Shelves

    Boho Girl's Nursery with Big Floral Decals and Crimson Wall

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  • Tray Play: 10 Fun High Chair Activities for Baby

    If you’ve only used your high chair for meals, get ready to knock your parenting game up a notch. With these easy ideas for high chair activities, your baby will be safely contained and entertained, giving you a chance to whip up dinner, make a quick call, do some cleaning, or finish your own meal.

    Stirring the Senses

    Sometimes, around-the-house items like a wooden spoon or spatula can serve as the best toys or distractions for baby. Hand one over while you're cooking and let baby chew, touch and bang to their heart's content.

    Magnetic Magic

    Place a small metal pan and a handful of magnetic letters, shapes or animals on your child's high chair to keep baby busy with sliding and touching the different shapes. Choose large items with securely affixed magnets to avoid a choking hazard. If the pan goes crashing down from the high chair, the magnets should keep the items from going flying. 

    Flour Power 

    In the middle of baking? Let baby get involved by sprinkling a bit of flour on the high-chair tray for them to push around...and probably get all over themselves.

    Banish Boredom with Beads

    This classic wooden-bead maze toy, the Melissa & Doug First Bead Maze ($13.99), comes with attached suction cups that make it perfect for high chairs. (Bonus: You can tote it to restaurants to keep babe entertained before the food comes.

    Musical Chair 

    Turn off the tunes and let your little one make the music instead. Tiny maracas, cymbals or a xylophone are all great ways for baby to shake or bang out a catchy beat from the comfort of the high chair.

    Golden Globe

    Who isn't mesmerized by a snow globe or its DIY equivalent? Fill a water bottle with water or oil, glitter and small items such as shells, buttons or beads to create your own baby-safe snow globe or sensory bottle.

    It's in the Bag

    Unleash your baby's inner Picasso with mess-free painting. Slip a piece of construction paper into a resealable bag, squeeze in a few drops of paint, and seal it up. Tape it to the high chair's tray and watch the masterpiece come to life.

    Turn on the Water Works 

    If baby's high chair has a tray with a tall lip, you have the perfect spot for baby to splish and splash. Take a cue from Chasing Cheerios and add a drop of food coloring to up the fun factor. Note: This will get messy. Put on the right bib and maybe save this idea for a warm day when you can park the high chair outside. Or a day when you'd planned to clean your floor.

    Pipe Play

    To keep baby's brain and hands active, reach for a handful of pipe cleaners and an empty water bottle (for older babies) or a wide-mouthed plastic jar (for younger ones). First, twist pipe cleaners in half to soften pointy ends. Then, show baby how to fit the cleaners into the bottle or jar and watch those motor skills grow.

    Stick With It

    For the DIY-inclined, this Velcro board is a great way to keep baby's hands busy. To make this board, the Chasing Cheerios blog advises that you sand a wooden board, then affix strips of sticky-backed Velcro to it. Cut smaller pieces of Velcro to affix to blocks or other small toys. Your little one can attach the different items to the board and explore that satisfying telltale Velcro sound when they pull them off. Velcro will also help keep the toys on the high chair tray.

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  • Maternity Styling Tips

    Thought I’d share some of my secret maternity styling tips today. I can never talk enough about the pros of investing in maternity wear during your pregnancy, but it’s also important to know how to actually make all of the pieces work for you to create the right looks that highlight your new figure. Getting proportion correct in an outfit is key, no matter your shape. Whether you have a degree in fashion design or not, I’m sure you’ve figured out how to accentuate your best features and minimize others. As for me, I have a longer waist with shorter legs. I try to create the illusion of height by wearing tops and jackets that sit slightly higher than my hips to create a longer leg line. My bestie is super petite, so she always looks for dresses and skirts that fall a few inches above her knee to give her that length. When you become pregnant, your proportion changes and you lose your natural waistline. But, by following a few simple tricks, you can balance out your bump and get a nice long and lean silhouette that actually flatters your new curves.
    First, layers are a must! When I became pregnant with my son, I realized that I didn’t feel put-together unless I was wearing a few pieces to finish my look. A jacket, cardigan or blazer works to make you look polished. When left open or unzipped, layers also help create a nice vertical line from your chin to the floor. In essence, it makes you look slimmer and taller… which is win-win in my book.Another trick to creating a lean look is opting for a long necklace. One that falls just above your bump without hitting it is another way to create that vertical long and lean line. Side ruching, whether on a tee or dress, can also enhance your bump and is especially form flattering since it hugs your back and gives a nice shape from behind. Don’t forget the beauty of the Secret Fit Belly® panel, which not only smooths and supports, but also allows you to wear fitted tops with no “bump lines.”
    Another great lesson I learned dressing so many pregnant women over the years is the importance of choosing the right shoe. At a certain point many women are not opting for heels, and neither did I the last few weeks. But I did find that shoes with a little support and a tiny heel were not only easy on my feet, but also gave me a little lift that I loved. Try a mid- heel bootie for fall. Accessories can really help to complete a maternity style! A scarf gives a pop of color which I always suggest; plus, it similarly creates that nice long line like a necklace. And a midsize bag is the way to go with your new figure as well. An oversized bag seems too clunky when you are pregnant and a tiny bag too small, so look for a medium structured bag.
    Lastly, I know it may be hard to believe, but prints and patterns can be your friend, even when you are sporting a bump! In a small dose like from an accessory or even in a dress, go with a print that is not too large and not too abstract. Just like a midsize bag, a medium scale print in only 2 or 3 colors can conceal and enhance your figure at the same time. It’s really magic! Hope some of these tips come in handy when you are dressing your fabulous new baby bump! – Happy styling
    1 Maternity Cardigan // 2 Long Necklace // 3 Maternity Ruched Tee // 4 Secret Fit Belly® Maternity Jeans // 5 Booties // 6 Maternity Scarf // 7 Maternity Belt // 8 Cute Tote
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